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Management Team

Fahad Mohammed

Fahad Mohammed

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A businessman by heart- Fahad started his first business when he was 13 selling electronics(primarily cellphones) and involved in endeavours ever since. Later on he started Bay Street Brands- a digital marketing/PR agency focused on providing paid ads, funnel creation, advisory services to small- medium sized enterprises, startups and securing media coverage for clients. He briefly worked on Influencer Viral in which he learned the power of Influencer Marketing and how brands were leveraging them on different social platforms to generate massive returns on product sales.

His reason for starting BrandX Holdings goes back to 2 reasons: at age 11- the drive and ambition along with irresistible passion for mergers and acquisitions emerged. Second, he saw an opportunity in traditional industries to utilize and implement modern day operational methods along with sales and marketing systems that would benefit the portfolio companies.

He is also a Contributor for Future Sharks where he has interviewed- Hollywood Insiders, Business Leaders, Wall Street Executives, Marketers and people with inspiring stories.

He has been featured on multiple publications which notably include: Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and more.

Board of Directors

Mark Seekings

Mark Seekings


Mr. Seekings has completed 77 M and A deals in buy and build, growth, transformation, retrench, start up environments. His experience includes: board level decision making roles for 29 years including 3 personal successful exits. He has worked across Healthcare, Manufacturing, High End Engineering, Retail, Aerospace/defence, Power-generation, Print/Packaging, Distribution – ability to lead Boards in any market by applying common sense and sound business principles developed over 29 years of leadership. In addition, he has been the Chair of 10 boards, CEO of 21 businesses, MD aged 28 along with being a Group MD aged 34.